Does Being Rich Make You Happy?

The author of this blog post is able to recognize the status and need for change within the social statuses of society today. Being said, what exactly are the differences between a person’s desires or s person’s needs? A human’s natural greed takes over their life materialistically and never fulfills their actually piece that they’re missing in their conquest for true happiness. By being so blinded by the society constantly pressuring to grab on and gain more to have the ability to reach anything within infinite reach, not knowing that the true satisfaction is of that you turn away so defiantly, being to cowardly or prideful to admit.

Desires & Pleasures

Now there are many opinions out there that are all different on how being rich can make you happy or not. Well first of all to me being happy does not mean that you have to be rich, but I am not saying you can not be rich and be happy at the same time. It just depends on how you live your life and who you are. Everybody is different no one is the same, if everybody was the same that would be boring as hell and I do not think that anyone would want that either. As I was saying it all depends on how you live your life. You could be living in an apartment with your family barely able to pay the bill every month or be a homeless person but still be happy. I have seen these things and it just amazes me of how…

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