Disney Princesses Grimm Ver.

While I was in my living room with my best friends, watching Once Upon A Time (It was Netflix Saturday), I came to realize with the drama that the Disney version of these fairy tale characters are so much more innocent and dream-like than would be in a realistic situation. So after my friends left, I decided to look up these fantasies in their original and turns out that the Disney creators have really been busy cutting off the details of the original stories. According to some research, even the most happiest of the notorious sweet Disney princesses weren’t always so happy. In fact when they were created they were mainly tales with a tragic ending involving a Grimm situation, which there points towards the ones guilty of this sadistic pleasure, the Grimm Brothers. The two are known for the collection of tales that are popularly well-known today such as “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, and “Little Red Riding Hood”. Their goal in their works was not to make people scared and depressed but rather have a collaboration of fragments found in religion and faiths and reflect their moral sense into a bunch of bed-time stories. Putting aside the whole history lesson, Disney Princesses had a hard time before the found their happy endings:


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