School Image

School is okay. I suppose. It has good students. Teachers. Staff members. People. I mean, they’re decent human beings. People here are mostly nice. Smart. Athletic. Social. Fun to be around. I suppose there’s not much of a fault here except for the stereotypical “cafeteria food.” (Which in my opinion, isn’t that bad) The campus is pretty large for a school. Subjects and people are divided. Yea, not bad. No one’s really judgmental. Well actually I don’t know, it’s not like I’m a mind reader. This school still has that feeling where students aren’t happy. You never know what might have happened to them. That’s the scary thing. It’s an open place. However, just not that open. But the school still isn’t considered a bad place. Friendships are made. Romantic relationships are made. Respect is made. So is fun. And drama. Lots of interesting things are made at school. Maybe a rumor or two; still a good place to be though. Bullying is seen as disturbing and horrible. So we don’t see it. Same thing with sexism, racism, or some other. The future is lectured about a lot here. Kind of ironic. School isn’t too sure on what they’re doing either. Still talking about the unclear future.


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