Tell Me Your Wish

Since the moment you were born, you were destined to die. As you took in your first breath of air, the timer of your lifespan has already begun. You started learning and exploring the world around you, and you simply knew without anyone telling you that you had to make the most out of life. It was unspoken, silent, yet true that one strives to struggle as much as they possibly can to achieve what they desire. I have yet not understood what is it that I desire the most. Dreams? Goals? Deep Desires? I don’t know, because I have none. Money? Fame? Beauty? Popularity? Love? Pleasure? I do not yearn for any of those. I can’t say that I’m selfless, due to the fact that I also have “likes” and “favorites”. However to say I have something in mind with utmost resolve would be a lie. Many things in mind is a lie but I’d rather keep my mouth shut, smile, and mock the hypocrites. What I desire? To find a purpose. To be happy. All of what a human heart only wants: to finally find someone, whether a stranger or friend, to be able to thaw my empty, cold heart and show me that there is warmth in this beautifully cruel world as long I desire it. 



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