Alice in Tokyoland

Um I, um well, I’ve never been good at expressing my thoughts and feelings, but I guess I’ll do my best. So lately I’ve been looking around at amazing (Asian) places such as Tebo lounge, Creamistry, Gen, Daiso, and 85 degrees. Then one day, while I was randomly searching up Korean dramas and etc, I came across a interesting place called: Alice in Tokyoland. As if it weren’t good enough by having just said that it was in Tokyo, Japan there are small hidden areas full of parks, restaurants, and shops all relating to Alice in Wonderland; Alice in Wonderland has been one of my all-time favorites. Japan, with its all-around awesome craziness, has yet again made me a fangirl of its culture, food, animation, technology, and lifestyle. This original and unique concept, with its stores, restaurants, museums, and theme parks, makes everyone who travels through feel as if they’re Alice themselves.  Continue reading