In English class, there was an article that caught my eye, which focused on the upcoming death of a famous movie critic. He was loved and well-known for his critical abilities and standards and even at the face of death he stayed steady minded, ready to move on and discover the afterlife. Seeing this reminded me of a old poem that was written anonymously by an individual who sought out the positivity in the pessimistic view of life.

I Love It

“I love solitude, not because I hate people. I love it because that means I am aware of my own existence. That I know I am still alive and surviving the difficulties of life. I love it because somehow I’ve realized that sometimes, when no one else is making you feel wanted, you must need to explore things on your own. There’s no need, sometimes, for anyone to remind you that you are worthless. I know that no one truly survives alone, but sometimes life gives you challenges that you need to overcome mostly on your own.”

13 Reasons Why

In this book, written by Jay Asher, a boy named Clay Jensen receives a mysterious package. Inside the box he discovers a bunch cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, his former classmate and crush, and had committed suicide two weeks prior. Through her recordings, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why of she decided to end her life; Clay is one of them. As Clay cautiously listens to the first tape, he hears Hannah’s voice explaining that she holds each of her listeners responsible for her death and that if the recordings are not passed along to the next culprit, their evidence will shown to the public. Of course she doesn’t accuse them of actually committing the act of murder but rather took part in the snowball effect of her becoming uncaring of what happened to her life. She had listed her first love, her traitorous friends, her stalker,the  boys who gave her false hope, a rapist, and an counselor who didn’t take her plea for help seriously. Clay was the only one listed to only reassure him that he had nothing to do with her reasons and that he was the one who encouraged her to attempt to live. This piece of literature is a work of art where words are sewn together to give a tough look at a girl’s suicide and the interconnected events leading to it.  Continue reading

Does Being Rich Make You Happy?

The author of this blog post is able to recognize the status and need for change within the social statuses of society today. Being said, what exactly are the differences between a person’s desires or s person’s needs? A human’s natural greed takes over their life materialistically and never fulfills their actually piece that they’re missing in their conquest for true happiness. By being so blinded by the society constantly pressuring to grab on and gain more to have the ability to reach anything within infinite reach, not knowing that the true satisfaction is of that you turn away so defiantly, being to cowardly or prideful to admit.

Desires & Pleasures

Now there are many opinions out there that are all different on how being rich can make you happy or not. Well first of all to me being happy does not mean that you have to be rich, but I am not saying you can not be rich and be happy at the same time. It just depends on how you live your life and who you are. Everybody is different no one is the same, if everybody was the same that would be boring as hell and I do not think that anyone would want that either. As I was saying it all depends on how you live your life. You could be living in an apartment with your family barely able to pay the bill every month or be a homeless person but still be happy. I have seen these things and it just amazes me of how…

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Disney Princesses Grimm Ver.

While I was in my living room with my best friends, watching Once Upon A Time (It was Netflix Saturday), I came to realize with the drama that the Disney version of these fairy tale characters are so much more innocent and dream-like than would be in a realistic situation. So after my friends left, I decided to look up these fantasies in their original and turns out that the Disney creators have really been busy cutting off the details of the original stories. According to some research, even the most happiest of the notorious sweet Disney princesses weren’t always so happy. In fact when they were created they were mainly tales with a tragic ending involving a Grimm situation, which there points towards the ones guilty of this sadistic pleasure, the Grimm Brothers. The two are known for the collection of tales that are popularly well-known today such as “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, and “Little Red Riding Hood”. Their goal in their works was not to make people scared and depressed but rather have a collaboration of fragments found in religion and faiths and reflect their moral sense into a bunch of bed-time stories. Putting aside the whole history lesson, Disney Princesses had a hard time before the found their happy endings:

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School Image

School is okay. I suppose. It has good students. Teachers. Staff members. People. I mean, they’re decent human beings. People here are mostly nice. Smart. Athletic. Social. Fun to be around. I suppose there’s not much of a fault here except for the stereotypical “cafeteria food.” (Which in my opinion, isn’t that bad) The campus is pretty large for a school. Subjects and people are divided. Yea, not bad. No one’s really judgmental. Well actually I don’t know, it’s not like I’m a mind reader. This school still has that feeling where students aren’t happy. You never know what might have happened to them. That’s the scary thing. It’s an open place. However, just not that open. But the school still isn’t considered a bad place. Friendships are made. Romantic relationships are made. Respect is made. So is fun. And drama. Lots of interesting things are made at school. Maybe a rumor or two; still a good place to be though. Bullying is seen as disturbing and horrible. So we don’t see it. Same thing with sexism, racism, or some other. The future is lectured about a lot here. Kind of ironic. School isn’t too sure on what they’re doing either. Still talking about the unclear future.

Funny Bones

It all started at the most important varsity baseball game of his career. Philip Ryan, a young high school prodigy, was next up to bat, and with a runner on third base, he was determined to hit in another run to give his team the lead. He had, however, been feeling a throbbing pain in his upper thigh in the few weeks following his eighteenth birthday, but had chosen to ignore it because he was afraid of losing his chance to play on the team during his final year of high school. This game, however,
could change the course of his baseball career, since there were multiple scouts from his dream school, UCLA, and the MLB watching him from the bleachers. This was not the time to sit on the bench but because of some unexplainable pain and consequently miss the biggest opportunity of his life.

The crowd cheered, and suddenly Philip was standing at home plate. He fit in a last practice swing before he got into position and stared directly at the pitcher. The hot blazing sun was beating its  bright rays across his face, making him squint. He focused his eyes on the pitcher steadily, positioned himself, and stood at ready.  As the pitcher got into position, the pain in his leg suddenly flared sharply again. Before he had time to react, the ball was flew towards  him causing  him to reflexively swing which sent it soaring into center field. He began running to first base, with a slight limp in his step and much slower than usual.  The center fielder had caught the ball and was throwing it to the first baseman just as Philip was getting close to the base. Urged on by the cheers and screams of the crowd, he fell into a slide to beat the ball to first base. Continue reading